About From the Heart

In 2012 From the Heart was born to two mothers, Caitlin and Christie. We're super silly sisters who share a love for beauty and fashion, and, well, general silliness. This, our blog, is written for you, and each post, comes From the Heart. We hope you will enjoy reading our posts as much as we like writing them.

You can expect joint posts, as well as individual posts; you'll always know who's who because we'll sign off each time. You can talk to us on here, as well as on Twitter; we do so love to hear from you!

If there's one message we'd like this blog to convey, it would to be yourself, and no one else. Do what you enjoy, and live each day as if it were your last. Oh, and if you love beauty and fashion and general prettiness as much as we do, well, that's great too!

Lots of love to you all, whoever and wherever you are,

Caitlin & Christie

(Left to Right: Christie, Caitlin <3)

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